Pol Bury

Pol Bury, born in Belgium on April 26, 1922, and deceased in Paris, on September 28, 2005, is a Belgian painter and sculptor.

Pol Bury devoted himself to drawing, painting, sculpture, but also to writing, to the creation of jewels and to the construction of fountains. He is considered as a major contemporary artist, and is internationaly recognized.

After artistic studies at the Mons' Fine-Arts Academy, Pol Bury joined the surrealist movement, before turning towards abstraction since 1947. He took part in CoBrA from 1948 to 1951, and is one of the founders of the group "Art Abstrait" in 1952.

Pol Bury gave up gradually painting and realised his first mobile plans. He is considered as one of the creators of cinetism, realising his first works in movement, with the creation in 1976 of his first hydraulic fountains.

Pol Bury is especially known for his reliefs and his cinetic sculptures, which gave the artist his rank among the history of art of the XXth century.