Christo is a contemporary artist. He studied at the Fine-Art Academies of Sofia and Vienne.

Christo's first productions are small sculptures made of wire. In 1958, he moved to Paris where he met the new-realists and enriched his perception of art. Christo began to produce abstract paintings. He also met Jeanne-Claude, his future wife, with who he became an inseparable duo. 

Together, Christo and Jeanne-Claude handled their work as true business men, trying to desacralize art. They were discovered by the public with their monumental and ephemeral installlations.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude moved to the United States in 1964, where they realized many astonishing works, as "Surrounded Islands" (1980-1983), the packing of the Pont-Neuf in Paris in 1985 and the packing of Berlin Reichstag in 1995.

Discerning and off-the-wall, Christo has for ambition to attract the attention and to make his works talk.