Lygia Clark

Lygia Clark (born in Belo Horizonte, the 23rd of October 1920, deceised in Rio de Janeiro, the 25th of April 1988) is a Bresilian artist, painter and sculpter, frequently asociated to the Breslian Constructivist movement of the mid-XXe century, and to the Tropicalia movement.

With the Bresilian artists Jélio Oiticica, Ivan Serpa and Lygia Pape, Lygia Clark also co-founded the Neo-Concretist movement, where art must be subjective and organic.

During her whole life, Lygia Clark tried to redefine the relationship between art and society and to develop fundamental researches on the physical and therapeutic dimension of the aesthetic experience, conceived like a creative process totally involving the spectator, process which is identified to the art piece and to life itself.