Naum Gabo

Naum Gabo is a russian architect and painter. He was born the 5th of August 1890 in Briansk, Russia, and died the 23rd of August 1977, Waterbury, United-States.

Member of the Constructivist movement, he flied to Norway and to Munich during the revolution of October 1917 in Russia. Back to his country at the beginning of the 1920s, Gabo's artistic conceptions hit the communist party and he is obliged to leave in 1922 to Berlin, where he met Adolf Oberländer, a german artist, who teached in Harvard University, United Stated.

In 1931, Gabo was, with Theo van Doesburg, Antoine Pevsner, Auguste Herbin and Georges Vantongerloo, the founder of the movement Abstraction-Création in Paris. En 1937, he created the magazine Circle with Jean Louis Martin and Ben Nicholson.

Naum Gabo participated to the exhibition Documenta I (the first huge modern art exhibition in Germany after the war) in Cassel, in 1955, and to the second edition in 1959.