Francis Toledo

Francis Toledo, born on the 17th of July 1940, is a contemporary Mexican painter and sculptor, indian zapotec from Juchitan of Oaxaca.

Toledo studied at the Fine Arts School of Oaxaca and at the Applied Art Superior Center of the Mexico Fine Art National Institute.

Francisco Toledo is known to be the greatest artist of Mexico, and the most generous sponsor of the city of Oaxaca. He offered many houses and created cultural centers, schools and libraries, as well as the Oaxaca Contemporary Art Museum. In 2007, Toledo decided to fight for the politic prisoners rights.

Today, aged of 66, Toledo refuses any collaborations, questions, proposals, interviews, honors or partnerships.

Toledo is the creator of a double work, interlaced, fecund: a pictural work of course, but also eminently social. Some of his works, as paintings, sculptures, frescoes, watercolours or drawings can look irreverent, or fantastically surprising, dealing with Death, a non-taboo theme in Mexico. Many refer to his country's animals, as scorpions, grasshoppers,  rabbits, tortles, horses, fishes, but also elefants.

Toledo has also worked on very diverse mediums : pottery, sculpture, graphic art, painting or weaving.

Toledo is now carrying on his shoulders the defense of his city's heritage, and the huge honor to be the greatest alive painter of Mexico.