... à mercredi, 16h

Bernard Heidsieck

34 rue de Seine 75006 Paris

Oct 12 - Dec 14, 2013

About exhibition

True to the avant-garde movements with the Russian Suprematists, the Italian Futurists, the Dadaists, the French New-Realists, the poet Gil Joseph Wolman, it seemed obvious to show a singular practice - "a poet at work" -, a creative process by which Bernard Heidsieck passes from poems on paper to sonorous works and plastic works. A main thread since 1955 : the voice assembly music.

We can meet sonorous poems - Biopsies, Passe-Partout...-, videos, movies - Vaduz, la Scissure de Rolando -, collages which accompanied these voices, somes Foules, Machines à mots, Canal Street and his last work, some Abécédaires. But also instruments, tools, an environment. Come back on a work of more than 50 years, and actuality of this work.

"... wednesday, at 4pm", a meeting with poetry, Action poetry projected in space.