Calder | Saraceno

Alexander Calder, Tomás Saraceno

34 rue de Seine 75006 Paris

Oct 17 - Dec 21, 2019

About exhibition


In 2010, Tomás Saraceno was the guest of the Calder Workshop in Saché. Ten years later, it was time to fly these two acrobats under the same tent again. Alexander Calder put the infinitely big within human reach by sculpting metal constellations animated by the wind. Tomás Saraceno opened our eyes to the galaxies hidden in the infinitely small world of spiders. On the borders of these two infinites, the exhibition opens the doors of an extraordinary garden in which the stars from the milky way and the ocean overlay in the same space. Indeed, all our landmarks are shaken through the wonder of the encounter between the two artists. Animals change scale and it becomes possible to pick a planet like a fruit.

Moreover, the exhibition offers the opportunity to explore new modes of circulation and, for a moment, to leave the ground of the Anthropocene soil for the sky of the Aérocène. According to the words of Tomás Saraceno, its a proposition for a radical change trying to figure out the ways in which we could live in suspension in the air and evolve towards new futures.

To the most demanding minds, we give a number of thread to untangle, to the most curious minds the pleasure to look for a common thread and to all those who want to enter the web the joy to be free like a bird on the wire.