À propos de l'exposition

After the exhibition "la séparation" in 2012, natalie seroussi is pleased to present you an art scotch's series about poetry.

Wolman unsticks Apollinaire's "calligrammes", he unsticks "vivre et mourir", he unsticks his automatic writing, and with an orchestra conductor's gesture, sticks them on the canvas, draws them out, waves them to create words' scores until the infinite.

What is the "art scotch" ?

wolman : "It is a way to stick to reality, so closely to it that only an artist can detached it. You take fresh news, you apply an adhesive, what happens next is only a matter of genius" *

* in Wolman, L'art et la mode, n°14


The preview will take place on May 24, from 12am to 7pm, on the occasion of the first edition of Choices Collectors Week end, which will occurs from May 23 to 25.

Still as part of this event, an artist's artwork, L'Opéré du coeur, will be exhibited at Paris, School of Fine-Arts, since May 23.

About the artist